Monday, 30 December 2013

Sleek trio of blushers: review

I am currently in Sharm el Shiek in Egypt and as always I have taken too much luggage. But not with my make up and toiletries. 

I always struggle in my attempt to not overload the make up bag when I go on holiday, so I have now started looking for handy make up sets and palettes. 

This blusher set from 'sleek' has done the trick for me in sorting out what blushers to take, offering three very pink but very different shades. 

a trio of pinks to add a flush of colour to your cheeks

Friday, 20 December 2013

The Body Shop vitamin C skin reviver: review

At this time of year it is vital you get your vitamin C but how about some for your face too!

Couple of weeks ago my lovely friend Natalie introduced me to “Vitamin C Skin Reviver” from the BodyShop.

A serum oozing with vitamin c and Brazil nut oil,  this helps perk up dull skin. And I got to say, I genuinely think that this has worked for my usually sad winter skin.   

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lush cream cleanser: review - au naturel and handmade

I seem to be a bit obsessive on facial products at the moment, doing my best to try what’s out there to get my face sparkly clean. Lately I have been sampling a natural cleanser from Lush – Ultrabland facial cleanser.
ultrabland facial cleanser...
said to be the Lush founder's fav product! 

It’s marketed as a beeswax and rose cream cleanser, homemade with fresh ingredients, with ingredients such as almond oil, honey and rose water. Sounds tasty and perhaps the ingredients for a dessert (I am thinking Turkish delight perhaps?!) but being au naturel, I was a bit sceptical about it working.
What’s more, the lady in the shop said that as my face is used to the usual chemical stuff, it may take a while for my skin to get used to it. Hmmm.
Turns out however, that this stuff actually is pretty good and does a thorough and proper job of cleansing my skin. It is quite thick and a touch oily in texture so is probably best for dry skin.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

skin care: how to make your skin smooth and glow – part 2

I am on a quest to rid blast my black heads and whittle away the wrinkles! I blogged a load of tips back at the end of November  but there are heaps more out there so this is part two of skin care: how to make your skin smooth and glow!

Generally my skin, although very dry, does ok but one thing that constantly bugs me, is my large pores and black heads. Pores appear larger when they're filled with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, so removing this and the pores will be clearer and smaller. To clear out the gunk, start exfoliating regularly! I do it every other day otherwise it dries out my skin too much. Look for products with salicylic and glycolic acid. I am currently using Neutogena deep clean invigorating scrub for an everyday use and a microdermabrasion one from No7 that I use twice a week which I blogged about back in April

exfoliating is key to glowing skin! 

Drink lots of water
It is amazing how something so simple is so effective. It’s your cheapest beauty trick by far! Why? Water helps clear out toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes, as well as keeping you hydrated AND it assists in transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells.