Monday, 30 December 2013

Sleek trio of blushers: review

I am currently in Sharm el Shiek in Egypt and as always I have taken too much luggage. But not with my make up and toiletries. 

I always struggle in my attempt to not overload the make up bag when I go on holiday, so I have now started looking for handy make up sets and palettes. 

This blusher set from 'sleek' has done the trick for me in sorting out what blushers to take, offering three very pink but very different shades. 

a trio of pinks to add a flush of colour to your cheeks

From left to right:

pink parfait
a deep maroon that complements the fresh faced winter look perfectly

pink parfait
pink ice
a popping pink to add a bit of colour to anyone's cheeks

pink ice ice baby
a  plum pink that I have been rocking with plum and purple lipsticks 

pinkitini - what a great name!

With three colours in one palette, this is a great little set to take on your hols. The pigment is strong and bright so only a little is needed (see below) and don't get lured in to the trap of a mistake I made - putting this on in a low it room and not checking yourself in the mirror before heading out. The clown look is not the look for winter. 

a tiny amount such as this is enough

I got this from Superdrug for £9.99 so bit of a bargain. Only issue, it doesn't last the long haul, so expect to touch it up a couple of times throughout the day but at less than a tenner who's complaining! 

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