Monday, 23 November 2015

Palmers cocoa butter formula gentle exfoliating scrub: review

I love the Palmer's cocoa body butter range, especially the one with the hint of tan in it! But I never knew that they did a facial scrub! I randomly stumbled across this when I was in Superdrug looking for everything but facial scrub! 

The scrub contains tiny micro-fine crushed cocoa beans which gently exfoliate. So fine, it is gentle enough to use everyday (I find some are too scruby and irritate skin with everyday use). 

So why should you exfoliate???

By exfoliating, you remove the rough dead skin on the surface, revealing lovely, fresh skin! 

By simply using a small amount, wet the face and rub the scrub in small circles across the face, massaging away. Wash away and feel clean after! 

At just £5.99 this is a reasonable price but look out, as I bought this in Superdrug for a 1/3 off! 

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