Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer special - Packing tips for your holiday!

This week has been a summer holiday blogging special. I have shared with you my top 20 staples to take on holiday (part one and two), my flight bag saviours and the make up/beauty products and toiletries that will see you through the holiday, as well as my must have items to pack on your holiday.

Today is the last in the week long special and I will be sharing with you my top packing tips.

Packing tips

I will never been the kind of girl that packs lightly. The more I travel, the better I do and seeing as I spent a year travelling around Australia with the same 20kg, I don’t know why I struggle taking 20kg for a two week holiday! This summer, I am determined to pack sensibly, taking multi-tasking toiletries, versatile accessories and not taking items that I won’t even touch!

My mum has taught me some great tips over the years which has allowed me to get away with packing far too much as I always seem to cram it all in J

  • Preparation!
Write a list before you even open the wardrobe. It will stop those moments when you see an item of clothing that you haven’t worn for ages and decide this holiday is the right holiday for its revival. It won’t be.
  • Good things come in small packages
Scale down the toiletries!  There is no need to take your full sized goodies. You can either buy these mini (Boots have such a wide selection and often three for the price of two) or buy empty cases and decant.
  • Keep it fresh
Putting a bar of soap or tumble dryer sheets in between your clothes to keep them smelling fresh.
  • Use your shoe space wisely
Fold up socks, knickers, bikinis and squash them tightly into your shoes/heels.
  • Roll up, roll up
Roll your towels and bulky items. A Greek friend taught me this – apparently they roll their towels and sheets for easy stacking and access.
  • Bag it up
Put your leakable items in plastic bags. There is nothing worse than going to unpack your bag and realising that your shampoo has leaked all over your clothes!
  • Separate your clothes
When going away where you won’t be able to unpack properly, then this is a brilliant tip from my mum. Separate your outfits into how you would wear them, eg beach, dinner, sightseeing etc. Then wrap these up in a sheet or clear bag. That way, when you are in a rush and are rummaging in your suitcase, you can just grab that bag out with the needed items inside!
  • Light on top
It goes without saying but put your heaviest items on the bottom of the suitcase and lighter items on top.

  • Don’t get in a tangle
Don’t bung all your jewellery in one bag/box… Place your necklace on tissue paper and roll it up then pack these tightly in a box. They should arrive untangled.
  • Keep it wrapped
I recently read in the Evening Standard magazine this top tip – put a sheet of tissue paper between each layer of clothing to prevent them from slipping and creasing.
  • Be bulky
It may sound obvious but wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Also aim to pack items that you can get away with not ironing.

Pack sensibly and with the extra space, you never know, you might even have a few spare kilos so that you can afford to bring back a few holiday souvenirs!

Happy holidaying!

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