Tuesday, 1 April 2014

"Muriel's Kitchen" kitchen and cafe in South Kensington, London

Last Tuesday, I completed my twelve week ballet course at the National English Ballet school in South Kensington. For those past twelve weeks, every Tuesday we passed the most inviting little kitchen deli right next to South Kensington station called Muriel's Kitchen. The window display of cakes, slices and pastries have had our mouth’s watering so we promised ourselves that once we completed the course that we swing by after our last lesson.

Food pervs Georgie and Liz 

So last Tuesday evening that is exactly where me, Liz and Georgie had our dinner.

Although we were tempted in by the mouth watering cakes, we actually started off pretty healthy and all opted for the “salad plate” meal where you could chose 4 of the deli options.

hearty meals and tasty salads

Liz and I opted for the delicious combination of mashed beetroot and feta, potato gratin, baked aubergine with yoghurt sauce and pomegranate seeds and the spiced cous cous. Georgie had the mixed wasabi greens, which looked appealing despite my aversion to wasabi! We washed this down with pink lemonade and peppermint tea.

a rainbow plate of tastiness

All of us eat every last scrap! 

My favourite two dishes have to be the mashed beetroot and feta, which is a taste combination that I have never thought of before but works so well! The potato gratin probably wasn’t the healthiest as it seemed pretty creamy but who cares when it tastes this bloody good!  They also did some great homely dishes such as meatballs and soups.

After my massive plate of food and my stomach a little unsettled from Andorra, still, I had to pass on the cake. Georgie and Liz opted for the carrot cake and apple strudel which a little cheeky bite told me was delicious! I am going to have to take the Boy there seeing as Georgie claimed it to be the “best carrot cake I have ever tasted”. We also had a sneak taste at the orange and polenta cake, totally gluten free but absolutely delicious!  If you do want a cake, be prepared to consume a huge wedge of it! The portions are massive!  

Our service was faultless and our waiter totally charming. The setting too was so sweet, with cute décor and delicious home made delights. The atmosphere was relaxed yet had a soft buzz to it, which meant time quickly passed as we were so comfortable there.

Sometimes you want to eat out and be social but not want to ruin the diet or drink too much vino. These type of cafes such as Muriel’s Kitchen are perfect for that! Yes, they had wine on the menu but you also didn’t feel a loser ordering a cup of tea or a lemonade.

it's pink and fizzy!

If you are in the SW London area, you have to try here! I hear they do breakfast too which I am assuming is just as morish. If you can't make it SW, then there is a Muriel's Kitchen in Leicester Square and Soho too! 

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