Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Betty Blythe, 1920s vintage tea room - dress up and cakes!

With my mum now living in Cambodia, I missed both her birthday and mother’s day this year, so as she is now back in London for my forth coming wedding, I thought I would treat her to a surprise. I booked us an afternoon tea for two in Hammersmith, with all the usual trimming such as triangle sandwiches with the crusts cut off… but vintage style! It was at Betty Blythe, a cute tea room, filled with nostalgia, where you get to dress up in 1920’s inspired bits and bobs!

how cute is this! 

getting in to the spirit of it! 

Dress up and cakes… a perfect combo!

Before the sandwiches and cakes even started to arrive, we had already delved into the opportunity to try on everything – from hair pieces to top hats, to gloves to garters.

delve in to the drawers...

The room we had was like stepping back in time, with the sound of tunes that time forgot and the furniture giving a real feel of my great granddad’s living room! We loved it. It was also in a private room downstairs, so we didn't disturb any other customers when we were giggling away. 

so lady like! 

my mum enjoying her earl grey

The teapot was huge with the constant offer for it to be topped up and the food arrived beautifully on ornate plates. The service was brilliant too. 

scones and pearls 

everything is so dinky and cute! 

I couldn’t help myself and had to get a few more bits to sample, but in all honesty this was me being a piggy. I clearly got caught up in the moment as what they provided was enough.

offerings upstairs...

just lounging 

This is the perfect place to take someone special for a surprise, or one with the girls for a cute birthday treat! It is also a general tea room upstairs so you could always pop there for a tea and cake if you don't have an excuse! 

X x X 

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