Sunday, 2 March 2014

Healthy hash browns (with quinoa)

I love hash browns but it is one of those foods that really aggravates my IBS. Not 100% sure why, think it is because they are so soaked in oil and grease, but the last few times I have eaten hash browns I been quite sicky afterwards. So with a bit of googling, I realised that healthy hash browns are doable, so here is my healthy hash browns with potato and quinoa.

perfect for a weekend brunch 

This delicious and healthy recipe is easy to make and uses simple ingredients, that should be friendly for everyone’s stomachs, no matter how delicate. This is a great recipe for a lazy weekend brunch. If possible, make the quinoa in advance as it will take about 20 minutes or so. Perhaps make it whilst chatting over a cuppa or glancing over the morning papers or prepare the other ingredients and lay the table whilst it is cooking to save on time

This is how to make these delicious has browns...

1/3 cup uncooked quinoa
1 ½ to 2 cups of peeled and grated raw potato
1 large egg
½ onion, sliced finely

quinoa - tasty and healthy 

Place the uncooked quinoa in  a pan and add twice as much water. Bring to the boil. Once boiling. Cover and reduce to a simmer for about another 10 minutes. Then leave on the hob but turn the heat off and rest until all the water has been absorbed (about another 5 min)

In a large mixing bowl, mix the cooked quinoa, egg, grated potato, onion and season well.

I added chives but you could experiment 

Once well mixed, take a little scoop of the mixture and make into a flattened pattie shape and cook in a heated frying pan – use coconut oil or low calorie spray oil for the healthiest option.

Cook the hash browns for about 5 minutes each side until golden brown.

delicious golden brown 

I served the hash browns with scrambled eggs, rocket, tomato and a good cup of tea. This should make enough hash browns to serve 2-3 people 


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