Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beautiful bold eye brows – benefit brow zings: review

Big, bold brows – love them or hate them, Cara Delevinge has officially made big bold brows something to talk about! Personally for me, I love bold brows. Obviously there is a limit tough - I think the “scouse brow” might be a bit too much for me. 

brow zings in dark 

Even if I am not wearing a full face of makeup, I have to have my eye brows filled in – it really helps frame the face and helps hide the fact that I have over plucked in my teenage years!

comes with instructions

just a few minutes on the browns makes such a difference

There are now a whole host of make up staples for your eye brows, but for me, it has to be Benefit’s “brow zings” kit (in dark). A touch pricey with a RRP £23 but it lasts for ages, about 9 months at least! I have just bought a new one though after only a few months because I accidentally dropped my open bag at a wedding as we were leaving the church and the brow kit came flying out, smashing on the floor. I was so pissed off! I had to scramble down from my 6 inch heels, on to my hands and needs, pushing the make up to the side so that the bride didn't get it on her dress as she left the church. Although I think that the 10 Royal Marines were a tad more annoyed as they were saluting with their swords at the church steps in the traditional military wedding style, holding this position still as I delayed the exiting of the guests! Opps. 

Anyway, back to brows...

left - normal. right - brow zings 

First off, use the wax and angled brush to shape the brow and then use the powder with the rounded brush to add the colour. With the powder you can build it up as much or little as you like - personally I prefer a bold, dark brow. 

comes with a little tweezer too!  

If you are in a rush you can forgo the wax but it really helps to keep the powder in place, and this stuff is amazing, it really does last all day! 

Perfect brows every time!

X x X 

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