Monday, 25 May 2015

Miller and Carter, Steak House, Hereford (various locations)

I love a good steak so when the friends we were visiting in Hereford last weekend asked if we wanted to go to Zizzi’s or a steak house, well sorry Zizzi’s, but the words “steak house” fell out of my mouth quicker than a drunken falling off a bar stool.

The Thorny Cow cocktail 

me and Kate enjoying our cocktails 

Miller and Carter is a steak house in the city centre. Looking at their website, there seems to be a few across the country, like in Harrow, Manchester and Poole. With their hand cut, 30 day ages British steaks, I was pretty excited for this.

The one in Hereford was pretty big, with an upstairs where we sat. The place is smart and sophisticated but not in such a way that it is pretentious or you feel too under-dressed in your jeans and tieless shirt!

for the love of steak!!!
The Boy went for the bread selection to start

Having filled my belly with a fair few ciders that day, I wasn’t ready for a starter, but the steak meals already came with their own starter of the classic lettuce wedge and blue cheese dressing (other sauces are available though) so it occurred to me that it would be rude to refuse it!

Beef Wellington
cooked to perfection

Three of use opted for the delicious beef wellington with sweet potato fries (although I was tempted by the mash with this) and their homemade ‘onion loaf’ and of course a delicious sauce. I went with my usual, peppercorn sauce, but if that doesn’t tickle your pickle then I would recommend the beef dripping sauce. Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds!

I didn’t have room for the pudding (I had enough to have a bite of the Boy’s banoffee pie though which was immense and it isn’t even a dessert I would go for), but did wash my beef wellington down with a couple of cocktails. The Thorny Cow was a perfect blend of Vodka, mint and raspberry liquor, and for a dessert substitute, I went for the After- Eight Thirty, a creamy blend of Baileys, Crème de Menthe and Crème de Cacao shaken with cream. A perfect after dinner cocktail.

After Eight- Thirty 
the chocolate ganache 

This isn’t the cheapest of places. Outside of London I always expect things to be cheaper but I would say this place was more London price. Worth it though! For two people, which was 2 mains, one starter, one dessert, two cocktails and two beers, it was £70.

The service was very friendly and efficient, although we did notice there were a few used wine glasses on the table, and the food was delicious, so it is certainly a steak house I recommend.

Miller and Carter 

The Boy opted for the burger, standard 

If you’re looking for a good steak in London, then try The Fulham Wine Rooms or Roxie.

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