Sunday, 15 February 2015

L’Oreal’s anti aging collagen wrinkle decrease filler: review

Ahh the quest forever maintaining our youthful skin. If it’s not on your wish list, it is certainly on mine. There are many factors that add up to skin appearing less youthful, including sagging skin, patches, sun spots and most commonly, wrinkles!!! 

Whilst there are many lotions and potions out there to prevent as many signs of aging as possible, sometimes we need a cream to help us reverse the onset of those appearing fine lines.

the wonder duo 

Whilst at dinner this week with a friend, she asked me what beauty products and creams I was using. Cue me going on about how much I love L'Oreal's Collagen Filler. I swear by it! This works! Cue me also having to blog about it. 

For a while now, I have been using and loving L’Oreal’s anti aging collagen wrinkle decrease filler. It’s a high performing concentrated anti wrinkle cream to use on areas that might require it, such as forehead or around the mouth.

the precision nib helps you 
control how much squeezes out! 

The cream is lovely and thick but sinks in quickly. It’s enriched with collagen biospheres and hyaluronic acid. How does this help? Because the collagen biospheres absorb into the upper layers of the skin and inflate up to nine times their initial volume and hyaluronic acid locks water into the skin, to help hydrate and plump up the skin.  Voila, wrinkles plumped and be gone!!!

you only need a bit

It is reasonably priced too at about £11 and as you only need a bit each time, the tube will last for ages. I also use the anti wrinkle eye cream!! 

I love it!

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