Saturday, 11 October 2014

No 7 micro-dermabrasion face exfoliator: review

This is not a new beauty buy for me, although I did get some as a pressie from my lovely brother -in-law for my birthday so I do have a brand new tube! My love in with this beauty product actually started when I bought a bottle in Koh Samui, Thailand in 2008!!!! And I still love it!

still a beauty fav...6 years on! 

This is more than just your average face scrub - this is a micro-dermabrasion exfoliator! This beauty bad boy from no 7 will slough away that layer of dead skin, rejuvenating the skin underneath to reveal fresher skin. 

this is hypo-allergenic 

This is harsher than your usual face scrub so don't use it on broken or sensitive skin. You also only need to use it a couple times of week. I also recommend that you use it in the evening rather than the morning just in case it does cause redness. 

this is like a face scrub on steroids! 

How does it work?
Aluminium-oxide micro-crystals smooth, refine and renew dull skin cells, revealing fresher cells for more radiant skin. Even after one use, I feel that my skin looks clearer and more even, but no 7 say that within 4 treatments you can expect this to work against fine lines and uneven skin tone - and I can vouch for this... when I haven't been to kind to my body, and I start noticing those sneaky fine lines, a few uses of this and they're gone! 

you only need a small amount 

To use, simply rub a small amount on to damp skin, massaging for one minute (mind the eyes!) This is pretty grainy and you can really feel it get stuck in! 

At £11 a pop it isn't the cheapest of beauty buys but is definitely worth it, plus each tube does seem to last quite a while. 

Has anyone else used this? What are your thoughts?

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