Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nivea daily essentials double effect eye makeup remover: review

I have found the best eye makeup remover! “Nivea Daily Essentials, Double Effect EyeMakeup Remover.  It’s always essential to take off your eye makeup before bed, and for me, it was even more so this weekend.

This IS a daily essential! 

Bank holiday weekends seem to be for two things only.
1.  To legitimately drink during the day. Especially in parks (picnic optional)
2.  To do DIY

This August bank holiday, I went for option number one and a herd of us headed to the SW4 festival on Clapham Common.  It was such a fantastic weekend, with good vibes, good friends and good fun but the muddy ground (did you see the downpour Saturday?!), greasy chips (the ones at the super Joe’s hot dog stand were the best!) and full on eye makeup meant that I needed a good eye make up remover to return me to being fresh faced.

Look! It's like water! Non greasy :-)
I have always found eye makeup removers to either be utterly useless and not budging the eyeliner, be semi ok but requiring a good rub resulting in sore eyes or so greasy you feel like your eyes are dripping afterwards.

must always take off make up! 

However this eye makeup remover is none of the above. It’s soft enough to be suitable for all skin types yet tough enough I don’t wake up in the morning resembling a relative of the panda family. Plus it doesn’t leave me the tiniest bit greasy, it’s like water! This two tone remover is a must and steal at £3.49!  

Needing a makeup remover for the rest of your face? Try L'Oreal's micellar water - check out my review

x x x 

ps, if you are loving the red nails as much as I do, its Nails Inc and I blogged about it recently. Still addicted to the colour

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