Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kettlebells for beginners DVD with Paul Katami

Got in to kettlebells yet? Well if not, why not! 

I got in to kettles last year thanks to my colleague who recommended it. Unable to make it to regular classes thanks to a sporadic work timetable, I decided to settle for doing it at home (or the park) by following a DVD. 

the leverage will add resistance 

New to kettlebell-ing (is that a real verb?) I bought a beginner's DVD and it's fab! I brought "kettlebells for beginners" with Paul Katami, a workout to get your fat burn on! 

The great thing about this DVD is that it is split into sections, starting off with a tutorial to guide you through the various kettlebell moves, such as halo holds and cleans. It is so important that you do this before you start using the kettlebell workout as you must get the moves right to prevent hurting yourself! 

side lunge and curl

this works your lats and triceps! 

After the tutorial, there is a "drills and combo" section, combining some killer moves! Think lunges, squats and swings. 

These all help raise the heart rate, which helps burn fat but because of the weight, you have the added bonus of resistance which means toning up your wobbly bits! 

knee to hand plank 

and swing! 

The last section is a "core" section, which will see you planking, windmilling and crunching your way to abs! 

I love kettlebells and am now hooked. I love that it doesn't take much space in your living room. As you can see from the photos, you can even take them outside to the park (ps, don't be jel, I haven't moved to a sunnier climate, these photos were taken before winter!) 

protect your back, make sure you squat properly 

I love the kettlebells and have now even managed to work my way up to 6kg! As I said, so be careful, especially of your back with the swings with a heavy weight. Oh and also mind yourself! I have had many an incident knocking the kettlebell in to my lady garden and knee! Let me tell you now, that hurts! 

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