Saturday, 10 May 2014

Spicy, crunchy chickpea snacks!!!

Back in April I blogged about my tips on how to survive a long haul flight, and top tip #4 was to take your own snacks! One of the snacks that I took with me were my spicy and crunchy chickpea snacks! 

the travel snack I took to South Africa, inc these chickpeas

This has to be one of the most easiest snacks to make, plus chickpeas are dam good for you – low in fat, high in protein, plus a source of fibre AND one serving (half a can) counts as one of your five a day!

You can also use whatever flavour you want on these – I went for Cajun spice with a touch of chilli.

I was in a rush so used a can of chickpeas but it is best if you can use the dried variety that you soak overnight.

How to make these...

Rinse the chickpeas in cold water and discard of any of the lose skins

Pat dry to ensure they are thoroughly dry or leave to dry on a paper towel for an hour or so

dry them off as much as possible

In a bowl, add the chickpeas and the flavouring (plus a touch of oil to make the spices stick) and mix well

get creative with your spices!

In a roasting tin, melt a little coconut oil and add the chickpeas and flavouring

Roast in the oven for about an hour at 150*C, giving the chickpeas bit of a shake every now and again

crunchy and tasty but totally healthy! 

Once cooked, leave to cool, pack them up in an airtight tupperwear box and take them on your travels! They should keep a couple of days with no problem.

Per 100g of chickpeas, there is a whopping 17g of fibre and 19g of protein! That's some snack! 

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