Friday, 30 May 2014

Losing my Caribbean virginity at Jerk City, Wardour Street London

Something amazing happened last – I tried my first ever Caribbean food! I have been meaning to try this cuisine since I was at uni where there was a little Caribbean restaurant about 4 minutes walk from my house. Then again, when I was living at Tooting Bec, there was a little deli on the walk to Balham that was so close to my house yet still I never quite made it there either.

excited for my peppered steak!

So finally, I have tried Caribbean food....and I love it!

I am not one for chilli or spice so was a little nervous as I thought I was about to have my taste buds blown off but this was less horrible spicy and more delicious spice. The flavours in Caribbean food are the kind where you can tell that they have used a wonderful combo of spices and marinated it for ages.

so much to choose from! 

For ages my gorgeous aunt Caz and I have been saying that we’ll go to Jerk City, somewhere her and her friend go often, so this place comes highly recommended. Not knowing what to chose, Caz suggested that I go for the peppered steak, rice and peas with salad. And because I was keen to try more (and I am a fatty), I had to have a side of coleslaw and coco bread. If you haven’t yet had the experience of coleslaw and rice – do it. You’ll thank me. The steak strips were so tender and juicy and the sauce was a rich gravy. Thank god I ordered the side of bread to dip!

coconut + rice + coleslaw = mmmm

For those of you that are new to Caribbean food too, turns out that the “peas” in rice and peas, are not garden green peas or petits pois! They’re kidney beans! The rice is also cooked with a hint of coconut and considering I am not the biggest fan of coconut, I love this!

Caz opted for the classic Goat Curry which I was a little unsure of as she said it’s a bit like lamb, which I thoroughly cannot stand. Turns out though the dish was good and the sauce flavoursome! I liked!

my aunt Caz! 

If you are looking for the real deal on Caribbean cooking, this is your place. Whilst I am not an expert, my aunt’s friend is, so you have her word! It was also full of Caribbean diners so you know it’s authentic.

Tucked away from the hecticness of Oxford Street on Wardour Street, this is the kind of place that you have to know to find, which is the kind of place I adore!  

loved the art work in there

the lovely staff at Jerk City 

The atmosphere and ambience of Jerk City is more of a café than a restaurant, with a simple décor.  This is not a pretentious city restaurant and a relaxed place for sinner with friends. The staff too are absolutely lovely and even gave me a box to take my leftovers away with!

leftovers to take home! 

X x X 

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