Friday, 16 May 2014

Mixed berry, frozen, no bake cheesecake - no butter, biscuits or cream cheese!

I LOVE cheesecake. without a shadow of a doubt, it is by far my top choice of dessert. But whilst I love it, it’s not something I eat too often as its fatty and caloric thanks to the delicious buttery biscuit base and cream cheese filling.

However, last weekend I made an amazing frozen style cheesecake that requires NO butter, NO biscuits and NO cream cheese, yet still tasted utterly delicious!

Plus the base is made from natural and raw ingredients, yet is suitably sweet and crunchy.
I even had a bit for breakfast the next morning, as after all, it is pretty much just yoghurt with dried fruit and nuts!

This is such a simple recipe to make – it only take about 10 minutes to knock up! This was my first attempt and also the first time I used my brand spanking new food processor, so it did actually take me a little longer as I spent about 20 minutes to work out how to put the damn thing together!! (we did the boy thing and discarded the instructions for assembly, in favour or guessing how this 5 piece jigsaws worked. Oh and another 5 minutes to work out that the lid needed to ‘lock’ so that it would whizz. That’s safety mechanisms for you)

Anyway, this should take about 10 minutes to make, 2 hours to chill and about 3 minutes to devour.


For the base...
½ ground almonds
½ cup dried figs
1 cup of mixed nuts*
½ cup desiccated coconut
2 tbsp of honey

For the cheesecake filling...
1 1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries
500g natural yoghurt (I used soya)
Zest of 1 lemon
1 tsp of vanilla essence
1-2 scoops of protein vanilla essence (optional) 

Prepare the spring-form tin with either cling film or a little bit of butter for easy removal.

Add all the ingredients for the base (except the honey) into the food processor and pulse, pulse, pulse for about 1 minute. Make sure everything is evenly chopped up. 
It is up to you how fine you want the nuts chopped up (I went for as fine as possible because sometimes large pieces of nut aggravates my IBS)

Next, add the honey and continue to blend the mixture, until it all comes together

Pop this mixture into the tin and with the back of a spoon, press it down so it it firm and compact

Back to the food processor (please clean it), make the filling by blending the yoghurt, berries, zest and vanilla essence

Pour this mixture over the base and pop into the freezer to set for about 3 hours

It is really that simple!

After 3 hours, remove from the freezer and serve – you may need to leave it 5 minutes before cutting. If you aren’t eating it all at once, pop it back into the freezer right away as you don’t want it to ‘melt’.

On the packet it does say that you shouldn’t freeze yoghurt but it hasn’t seemed to be an issue! Just make sure you don’t thaw and re-freeze it as that is when you are asking for food poisoning.


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*I went for cashews, brazil nuts and almonds – Sainsburys does a bag of mixed nuts that is quite cheap, compared to if you bought them individually (as nuts can be extortionately expensive)

This recipe has been adapted from The City Kitchen blog 

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