Monday, 5 May 2014

Fat loss pills – do they really work? My month trial...

Why take them???

Prior to my honeymoon, I did my best to tone up. Although the holiday wasn't going to involve much beach or bikini time, as this is my honeymoon obviously I wanted to look as good as possible. Whilst I had been eating healthily (ok, there has been the odd treat but life would be boring otherwise!), I was lured in to the promise of losing the stubborn fat around my middle with some fat burning tablets, called garcinia cambogia …

With adverts promising to cut the flab and transforming my 'flat pack’ into a ‘six pack’, seeing results in as little as a month, I was sold!!!! Over the past few months, I kept seeing adverts online, in magazines and even pictures on Instagram of women that have used the tablets who wowed me with their transformations.

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What made these “diet pills” even more tempting was that there always seemed to be a free trial on these! For just a fiver you would receive your 14 day free trial of these tablets. Seeing as the RRP is over £80, I thought ‘what the heck’ and I made the order for my free trial on line. 

Now I know I am not fat – I am a healthy weight for my height – but like most  women, my middle is where I naturally  store most of my fat, so is the definitely the part of my body I want to tone up the most. So a little helping hand wouldn’t go a miss when it comes to sorting out the midriff, especially as I have a desk job and most of my day sat on my arse.

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What is in these pills?

I was lured in by the fact that these are a natural product, as it made me feel 'safe' about taking them. I won't bog you down with the science, a quick google and you'll find loads of answers if you are interested. 

All the photos seeing these fat loss pills mesmerised me with their now washboard stomachs so I was secretly hoping that this would work for me. Obviously I continued with my healthy diet and exercise program.

Results after a month… did the fat loss pills work?

Short answer – no.

I had taken these fat loss pills for just under two months by the time it came to honeymoon time and throughout I did monitor myself with some before and after photos, which my friend did sweetly say the after-shot looked better, and I guess she is right – I do feel that the ‘after’ shot is more toned. However, was this the result of the diet pills?

I think not!

I think this is mostly the fact that for the past month or so before the honeymoon, I had made a more conscious effort to be healthier. There were no crash diets, just a conscious effort to eat clean, exercise three times a week and try to limit the kind of foods that aggravate my IBS.  So I really strongly feel that even if I haven’t taken these fat loss pills, the results would have been the same.

Thinking about buying fat loss pills???

My advice? Don’t bother. Save your money - maybe use it for the gym or some exercise equipment! 

All in all, forget fad pills and crazy diets. Life, health and your body should all be about balance. Yes I want to be healthy and wear a crop top with pride but at the same time, I have to be realistic to the fact that I have a sedentary lifestyle and I like naughty foods at times! Save your effort and your money and forget relying on pills, just put good food in to get good results out, exercise and keep active and treat  yourself a little every now and then!

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