Monday, 3 November 2014

The "validation facial" at Lush Spa

For my birthday last year (a whole 13 months ago!) the Boy treated me to three spa treatments at the Lush Spa on Kings Road in Chelsea - the sound bath, a tailor made massage (read the blog about that here) and a validation facial. If like me, you didn't realise that the Lush cosmetics company also did spas, then look into it! They are so amazing and nothing like other beauty spa treatments you might have tried before! 

ready for my facial!

The year has gone so quick and I still hadn't made it back for the facial, but with a trip to New York coming up, I felt that last week was as good as any time to have it.

spa treatment room 

Having had two gorgeous treatments there already I knew I was in for a treat and I was right. If I could some up the treatment from start to finish, it would be "wonderful".

Lush seem to employ the happiest, friendliest and most relaxed staff and just talking to my softly spoken therapist made me feel ten levels calmer.

my skin was in need of a facemask! 

Asking about my skin needs, he took me through the shop, giving me the chance to play with the products, smelling them and touching them, to see what ones I would like to use in the treatment. Plopped on to a round slate, by the end it looked like an artist's palate! Let's hope it can make my skin a work of art!

the beauty products I chose 

I love the toner tabs! 

I am a big fan of facials anyway but this was soooooo relaxing, especially the massage at the end. When you have your eyes closed and give yourself the chance to relax, it is amazing how much more you can tap in to your senses. Every touch felt soft and I could really smell the natural ingredients in the products, such as tiger lily and orange. I also loved the music in the background, a kind of mix between sea shantys and Irish folk music.

a bit of dry ice to add a bit of magic

I got to keep my bar of this! 

I didn't want it to end, but when it did I was given a delicious drink of freshly squeezed orange juice and fruit infused water. Plus I got to keep one of the beauty balm bars - I literally floated out there! Thank you to the Boy for this one!!! 

X x X 

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