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NYC part 2 - things to see and food/drink

cont from part one...

The sights (cont)

One of the four main attractions that me and Becky saw was the Brooklyn Bridge. Built in 1883, it was the first steel wire suspension bridge constructed... a total of 1,825 m long and 84 m high. The bridge connects the boroughs of Manhattan (where we were staying) and Brooklyn. Walking across it is a great way to see the skyline of Manhattan. Look carefully too and you'll see the statue of liberty (from a distance)! Although a busy bridge, I didn't get a sense of being rushed across it, so take your time and get great photos. 

Looking through The Brooklyn Bridge 

The Brooklyn side

Eating and Drinking

For me, when you are on holiday, you need to get stuck in to the culture and sample the food. Admittedly American cuisine isn't something of a rarity here but I had a whole long list of foods that I wanted to try whilst in New York...


On the list to eat HAD to be pizza (for Becky, she made this quite clear within 10 minutes of landing) so when we were in Brooklyn, we headed to Grimaldi's, famous for its use of coal fire ovens rather that the usual wood fire ovens, (and the only pizzeria in NYC to be allowed to use one!) 

soda and a slice 

A slice of their pizza and a soda (I would have had a cider but this was a no-booze restaurant) and I felt like I was definitely in New York. If you can't make it to a pizza restaurant (or of you can yet you still want more as us fatties did), there are plenty of pizzerias lining the streets of New York including $1 slice places. Don't turn your nose up at the price, it is seriously good pizza! And New Yorkers do seem to like their slices - we saw plenty of people walking the sidewalks (that is a pavement to you and me) chomping on a delicious cheesey triangle of pizza!  

Bagel Boss

Situated close to where we were staying, I was told Bagel Boss (situated near 15th street and 1st avenue) was where I needed to go to get my bagel fix. Wednesday morning, to help fuel my long morning ahead of walking through Central Park I stuffed my face with a huge baked salmon onion bagel. With a side of fat gherkins, this was the perfect NY breakfast for me!

If you aren't near there though, relax, there is a bagel place on every street corner! No joke! Although we stupidly went to three different bagel places looking for bacon for Becky. It wasn't until we got home that we were told by our host Ollie that bagels are Jewish. No pork. Oh. 

just managing to squeeze it in!

Brunch at Paradou

Ollie (our host)told us we couldn't go home from NYC without a weekend brunch, but when he said brunch I was thinking maybe a bit of eggs benedict and a strong coffee about 11.30am. Oh how I was wrong. A trip to Paradou was the best brunch I have ever had! 

unlimited champagne cocktails! 

So what was different about how the Brits do brunch?

Well firstly we went at 3pm.  

Secondly, patrons are quite dressed up (I wore a nude midi cami dress with heels and chunky cardi and a deep purple lippy). 
Thirdly, with the tunes on loud, this certainly had an atmosphere to it. 
Finally, it was unlimited champagne cocktails for $29!!!! 
Say what!

But it isn't all about the cocktails. The food was great. I opted for the Pork Sliders with a side of mac and cheese (another food item on the eating list), others opted for their burger. There was no eggs benedict by the way.


pulled pork sliders 

Once you have finished up there, head across the road, to sample more of the bars in the area, a game of ping pong (I was bloody useless) and table football!

Beer pong at Wicked Willy's 

If you think you are good at beer pong then think again. The Americans we played against wiped the boys flat out. Probably didn't help that they were putting pints in their beer cups, whereas the Americans were using a tiny splash  of beer. One lot even used water! 

We headed to Wicked Willy's in Greenwich where the beer was two jugs for $16! Live sports, karaoke, beer pong - this is the place to go for a relaxed, fun, American stylee night. They take the bee pong seriously here... They also have actual tables dedicated to beer pong, with the holes in the table for your cups! 

think been pong might be a sport out there! 

dedicated been pong tables 

Deli's and eating on the go

Sometime when you're on holiday, out and about sight seeing, you don't have time for a sit down meal. Fear not food loving friends - you're tummy will not rumble every in New York. Practically every street corner has a deli of some sort. And this is serious deli food - think chicken wings, salads, baked salmon, roast potatoes, fish dishes etc, not just limp lettuce and stale rolls. 

this is serious food on the go! 


We flew with Virgin Atlantic and credit where credit is due, I could not fault them! The service was great and always had a smile. They also loved our matching American onesies that we were travelling in! I don't think I have ever been stroked by as many women as I was by the flight attendants on that flight! 

the ultimate comfy travel outfit! 


We were staying with a friend so can't really advise on the whole accommodation thing. We were staying in Manhattan and DO recommend this as an area (we were close to Union Sq). 

Other things to see and do...

Although we had a good amount of time in New York there are so many things that I never got round to doing. Luckily the Boy hasn't ever been so it will be a good excuse for him to take me. 

enjoying an icecream by the waterfront, 
Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn) 

Here is my list of things to do in New York next time:
  • Shopping along 5th Avenue 
  • High Line Park - a linear park built on a section of disused railroad 
  • Visit Gravesend - there is a place in NYC called Gravesend, this is where I am from in Kent! 
  • Watch a live sports match - we went to book tickets for a baseball game for $50... until we realised it was in Boston, not Brooklyn 
  • Eat a huge stack of pancakes - with maple syrup and cripsy bacon please 
  • Visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) - we went... but the exhibition was Matisse's Cut Outs which funnily enough I saw at the Tate Modern in September in London 
  • a Broadway show - any one, not fussed! 
  • Grand Central Station - this must be one the world's most famous stations, if only for the scene in Pixar's Madagascar movie!!! 

If you have never been to New York, I got one thing to say... You have to go! 
It is one of my favourite cities!!! Can't wait to go back!

X x X 

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