Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Detox for your hair in four easy steps - guest blogger Samples Queen

Guest blogger, Eli from Samples Queen

I’m crap at styling my hair but great at finding hair products that will do half the job for me. Dry, frizzy and bristle hair is normally what I had to work with but not anymore since I discovered few hair care products that completely changed my hair game.

My hair care routine consist of four products I use on rotation. Some are budget friendly others cost a bit more but are totally worth it. 

With majority of them I can guarantee that results are instant but sadly only long lasting of you continue using them. For the record I have dry, color treated, fine and volume lacking type of hair. Can it get any worse? Probably I would say.

Let me start with some hair prep and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreame. This is not your usual hair mask since you have to use it before shampoo! This is the best intensive hair mask for dry and colored hair I’ve ever tried in years. 

For best results I damp the mid length and ends of my hair and spread thoroughly working my way section by section. Direction call for letting it sit for 20 minutes but my best results were when I accidentally spend the whole afternoon (about 4 hours) at home in my leopard shower cap. 

Shampoo twice if you have to, to remove any residue. I normally follow with my usual conditioner which is a great bang for your buck – OGX Kukui Oil Conditioner.  

On a regular day this conditioner really smoothens my hair and helps me dealing with fizziness. If you color your hair, dry and color damaged patches are unfortunately inevitable. After conditioning I normally move on to towel drying my hair and applying some more hair smoothing agents. 

Depending on the day I would normally go for leave in conditioner or dry oil. Ojon Revitalizing Mist really helps retain the moisture in your hair. I normally go for about three spritz (if I go for more it weights down my hair) on damp hair. It smells like tropical vacation and leaves no trace on its existence. 

On days I need to deal with the above mentioned hair damage I go for Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil. Another great smelling product that does amazing job dealing with humidity and smoothing hair fizziness. Again use in moderation, about three spritz are plenty. As a bonus it makes my hair so silky on touch and glossy looking. 

There you have it my beauties. 

Let us know your hair secret in the comments below.

Hi my name is Eli and I blog about beauty and lifestyle over at Samples Queen. I have small fetish to nude sparkly eye shadows and still struggle with my eyebrows, don’t get me started about eyeliner. I review tons of beauty products every month and report back if it’s worth buying, sometimes I report back even if it isn’t.

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