Friday, 9 October 2015

"No clog allowed" super self-heating deep pore detox mask

I have used a lot of face masks in my time and this has to be one of the best I have used! It is in the mid range of pricing (about £11.50) and well worth it. 

On a damp face, rub in the facemask and you can feel it heating up - it feels lovely and it might be psychological but this makes it feel like it's really working! 

Leave it on for 5 minutes or so and wash off with a soft cloth.

The "no clog allowed" super self-heating deep pore detox mask from Soap and Glory deeps cleans and works out those stubborn black heads (which is my number one skin woe) helping to reduce break outs and spots. 

Use this once or twice a week to avoid blackhead build up for clog free skin. 

The face mask is slightly graining thanks to the micro beads, which helps to scrub the skin. 

This mask is suitable for  oily/combination skin so feel free to just use it where you need.  My skin is generally dry on the cheeks and forehead but oily and black head ridden skin on the nose and chin, so I usually just use it there.  

Another great skin saving face mask is another all time favourite - Elizabeth Arden hydrating face mask. This is perfect for plumping and hydrating skin! 

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