Monday, 11 November 2013

"Lush" spa, tailor made massage

My birthday may have been two months ago but I still haven’t cashed in the beauty treatments that the Boy bought me as a present. So this weekend I had the first of three treatments, my “tailor made massage” at the Lush Spa on Kings Road in London. 

I have always been bit of a fan of the Lush products but didn’t even realise that they had a few spas! They also have places in Kingston, Poole, Leeds, Edinburgh and Liverpool. They also have some in Japan, France and Korea in case you fancy popping there!
I am bit of a beauty treatment junkie and do like to indulge in one every couple of  months, so I like to think I know my stuff about what makes a good treatment.

lush spa treatment room

I can honestly say that this massage treatment was one of the best I have ever had, not just in terms of the massage itself but he experience as a whole – it was truly unique, relaxing and self-indulgent! This is the crème de la crème of pamperings!

The staff that great you are absolutely impeccable and instantly make you feel welcomed and that you are number one right now – exactly how a relaxing beauty treatment should be in my mind!
When you enter the Lush shop on Kings Road you wouldn’t even realise that there was a spa there. In a side door, you are led down stairs into a room that resembles a cross between an old farm house and my great granddad’s kitchen. There is water (with fresh mint and lemon in it – posh!) and fruit for you to help yourself to.

help yourself!

My 30 minute massage was a “sea theme” meaning that my soothing whale music was replaced with sea shanty songs, the smell of bath sea salts would fill the room and she would tug and pull my problematic body parts like the ropes of an old ship.

samples for you to try

Sounds odd but it worked really well and I actually found the jig of a sea shanty more soothing than the crashing of the waves.

vintage farm house meets my great-granddad's kitchen

After 30 minutes of total relaxation, I came too and was greeted with a steaming hot cuppa and shortbread biscuits! Amazing. This gave me a chance to breathe and gather myself before braving the cold harsh weather once more, enjoying every little moment of bliss on my new pampered body! I even got to take home the massage bar she used on me! Winner!

a cuppa and a biccie

I still have a “validation facial” and a “lush sound bath” to look forward too, and I can't wait! 

X x X

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