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skin care: how to make your skin smooth and glow

Last month I vowed to start taking good care of myself again and was on the quest for vitality – I want glowing skin, luscious locks and strong nails. Back in October I blogged about the nails and earlier this month about hair. Today I am sharing with you what I have been doing to achieve fresh, winter happy skin.  Apart from too much mulled wine and cocktails at the weekend resulting in a huge spot on my chin, it’s actually doing ok this winter!

So here are my facial skin care tips:

Be clean
I feel the most important tip is to always thoroughly clean your face at the end of the day!
Simple enough but so many of us skip it!
Going to bed with makeup or the day’s grime on will lead to a block up in your pores which can result in bacteria build up which equals spots and worse. Not convinced? Check this article out.

from the daily mail

Invest in a few more minutes
Face wipes just don’t cut the mustard. Sure they are handy for festivals and late nights out but on your average day spend a few more minutes when cleaning your face! I wash with a face wash (not soap as this dried skin out) and then cleanse after. After washing your face, it may look clean, but run some cleanser over your skin and you’ll be shocked at how much more grime comes off! Why do this? Because the cleaner the skin, the better the creams sink in. Think about it, it is like sticking a lick of paint over the top of a dirty wall.

Know your skin!
I love my lotions and potions but I have started to choose more wisely as I have got older and not just gone for whatever is on offer at Boots (although there is no harm stocking up on your favs on 3 for 2!) Know your skin and what it needs.
  •  Antioxidants will help fight environmental damage, such as sunlight and pollution
  • Collagen will firm and plump
  •  Vitamin A assists in fading scars and sun spots

In a recent article in Company that I read, top dermatologist Nick Lowe said that olive and darker skins are more prone to discoloration and sagging, with lighter skins being more prone to wrinkling and redness. Choose the right products for your skin type.

Pat don’t rub
I read that the Clarins’ sisters don’t rub in their cream but pat it in instead, as over time this can pull the skin.

picture from 

Don’t neglect the eyes
I used to think eye creams were a rip off, a money spinner from cosmetics companies to lure you in to buying more products. Turns out I am completely wrong! The skin is 7 times thinner around the eyes so needs special care. Use a specified eye cream and when applying use your fourth finger as it will stop you being so heavy handed.

It may be dark and overcast but UV rays can still get through and damage your skin. Always use an SPF. If you can’t be bothered to add another product to your regime, just make sure your daily face creams or BB creams have added SPF.

Use a serum 
I love serums! They are so much more concentrated than creams, thanks to their molecules being smaller so can penetrate the skin (I think I read that somewhere). 

Clean your make up brushes
So you regularly wash your make up brushes? Thought not. Most people don’t but think of all that build up of grime and make up sitting sneakily amongst the bristles.
I have started washing mine every Sunday as part of my “pampering Sunday evenings”. Wash in luke warm water and with your usual face wash. Pat dry and leave flat to finish drying. Need more convincing? Then read this.

picture from

Work your lotions in the right order
I read an article in the Stylist once that the order of your skincare routine could matter as much as the products you use. First of all, don't slap them on all on one after another. let them sink in. Leave the heavier creams until last as these may block the ingredients from lighter creams that go on over the top. 

So now I am layering on in this order: 
eye cream
day cream
BB Cream with SPF

Need some product suggestions??? Then check out previous blog entries on:

Remember though...
No skincare regime, no matter how strict, will make up for a bad lifestyle and unhealthy living! 

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