Monday, 15 September 2014

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (illuminating shimmer): review

Who doesn't like a soft, shimmery glow on the skin??? 
Personally I LOVE a little shimmer! 

Back in September last year, I blogged about my latest beauty addiction, which was Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer,  in the illuminating variety for a touch of shimmer (although they do one without if you are not a fan). A year on I still love this product, so am re-posting. With all the products I have used over the past 12 months, the fact that I am still loving this must be a good sign! 

still loving this product 

Not only is it a gorgeous shimmer, it is also hydrating as it's also a moisturiser and therefore won't dry your skin out and neither will it grease your skin as some shimmer oils do. Plus it contains an antioxidant vitamin complex to protect the skin! 

They do a range of shades too. 

love the gorgeous shimmer 
It's a lightweight, sheer formula so the coverage will look like a soft illuminating glow rather than heavy foundation. No one likes a cakey orange face after all! 

perfect for a healthy glow 

I like to use it for those special make up days, when velvety skin is on the agenda. But it is just as suitable for the day as for the night, especially as it contains SPF 20. I like to smooth the cream over a primer or moisturiser and use it as a base for the rest of  my make up. A light touch of bronzer over the top will really set this off too. 

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