Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Eat Tokyo! Japanese restaurant Soho, London

I have blogged about this before but the restaurant has moved so U feel I have a duty to my fellow Japanese food lovers to let them know! 

My favourite Japanese is called Eat Tokyo and their Trafalgar Sqaure branch has gone bigger and better (and less queue time) and moved to Soho. I am addicted to Japanese and have to get my fix every couple of weeks! 

Eat Tokyo serves up the tastiest, freshest dishes which are totally authentic and delicious. Call me biased but Japanese is my favourite cuisine (Lebanese follows in second). 

a salmon and chicken teriyaki bento 

tucking in to my bento! 

If like the Boy you're unsure what "takoyaki" "udon noodles" and "jyu" are, fear not. The whole menu has pictures so you know what you're ordering! 

I have been eating Japanese food for 20-something years and I am still learning! They do everything from set menus, sushi, sashimi, noodles, tempura, the list goes on. The feel inside is relaxed and friendly, unpretentious and cosy.

kobacha - pumpkin croquettes 

alaskan sushi rolls 

I was first introduced to this place when I started learning Japanese and my mum took me here for one of our lessons. With my mum being Japanese and a really fussy eater, I knew this place would be good as soon as we stepped through the door. And I wasn't disappointed. 

slurping my miso soup 

Craving everything on the menu, I usually opt for a "bento box", a traditional set menu, served in a pretty lacquered box. 'Sashimi bento' is often my go to, complete with 4 different types of sashimi, rice, miso soup,salad and tofu (B17 on the menu by the way). And a green tea on the side for good measure.

sashimi bento 

the huuuuuge katsu curry! 

The Boy always goes for the Japanese classic, 'chicken katsu curry*', which was absolutely huge! A bargain too at about 7 quid. You can even get a 'double katsu curry' at Eat Tokyo which is just monstrous! 

For those of you that are wondering what on earth a katsu curry is, let me reassure you that it is a heavenly dish of Japanese rice, topped with breaded and fried chicken cutlets (bit like a chicken schnitzel)*, lovingly covered in a rich gravy like curry sauce, that is both mild and flavorsome!

washed down with a green tea 

the Boy is addicted to this drink!

I can honestly say, I haven't met one person yet that doesn't like a katsu curry or anyone that doesn't enjoy the food at Eat Tokyo (I have taken several Eat Tokyo virgins there)!!! Although I will obviously have to say, it isn't as good as my mothers! ;-)

They also have restaurants in Hammersmith, Golders Green, Holborn and Nottinghill Gate. 

X x X 

*can also be made with pork cutlets

updated from the April 2013 blog post 

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