Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Silk 'anti aging' pillow cases

It's a new year so the perfect time to dedicate a bit of time to yourself! My focus for January is building a better me, and one of the ways to do this is to start looking after my well being more - inside and out. 

So over January, my blog entries will focus more on feeling fit and fine! 

Today's blog - my quest for youthful skin... 

Ages and ages ago, I read an article about silk “anti aging” pillow cases. Speaking with my pharmacist colleagues that I wanted one, they laughed at me and my attempts to prevent the aging process. But I stuck it on the wish list for Christmas and the lovely Boy got me one!

the creases go once on the pillow -
I wasn't sure if you could iron these

So why the hype about them and their ‘anti aging’?

Apparently it is to do with the properties of silk. Plus as it is a natural fibre, you’ll wake up without the usual pillow creases across your face, which over time, will add to your wrinkles. Many dermatologists say that they can tell what side of the body someone sleeps on over time owing to the more lines and creases on the face of that particular side.
silk anti aging pillows

The pillow cases come in five colours and are all naturally dyed and hypoallergenic and fit a standard pillow case.
I have only been sleeping on it recently and only time will tell If it actually works! And when I say time, I am talking decades. So I will just have to trust that it will work and help keep the wrinkles at bay for as long as possible!
This one is from holistic silk
Anyone else got one?

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  1. So I have been using the pillow case for a few months yet and whilst it is always hard to tell what your skin would be like if you hadn't of used this pillow, I do think long term it will make a difference!
    When we are away and I sleep on non-silk pillow cases, my face is full of creases in the morning!!!