Wednesday, 10 June 2015

got2b Oil-licious dry oil mist (psst it gives you shiny hair!)

Some of you may have realised from some of my blog posts that shiny, healthy hair is always on my wish list. The key to great hair is no secret. It's a blend of a good diet, not over doing the straightners and getting regular trims. Or getting extensions I guess like the celebs. 

But scrap that hard work, I have cracked it and the answer comes in a bottle...

It is got2b "oil-licious dry oil mist"
A light, dry oil spray - it is shiny hair in a can.

Adding shine and glossiness, it also smooths away those flyaways, taming unruly hair.

Once you have styled your hair, whether is it styled up or loosely flowing, simply spray a fine mist all over. Simples. Even my over bleached, over styled hair and dry hair looks semi nice with a spritz of this stuff! 

At just £4 a can too this is such a beauty bargain, I love it!

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