Friday, 11 April 2014

Cubana latin american restaurant, Waterloo, London

Due to a mini emergency my dad has had to make a trip to London (he normally lives in sunny Cambodia) so whilst it isn’t the best timing for me (I have a LOT to do before I go on my South Africa adventure this weekend), I took the opportunity to see him.

I had to squeeze my dad in between my work, and seeing as I had a meeting in Waterloo 7.30pm this evening and his train gets in to Waterloo station, the meeting place was obvious. At the end of Lower Marsh road, near to the station, there is a restaurant called Cubana” that I have walked past a thousand times but not yet ventured in to, so this was the perfect place to meet my dad for a spot to eat. Even more so as they have a cocktail happy hour 5-7pm, everyday!

enjoying the happy hour and some Cuban food

The restaurant is a Latin American theme, serving up a mean mojito and South American dishes. I love a restaurant with bit of a theme under any circumstance and I am a sucker for a bit of novelty and fun. The theme of this place is obviously Cuba, and that is reflected in the colours, designs and art work, as well as the menu. The restaurant is bright, bold and cheerful, seats and tables sporadically scattered about the place and on various levels, creating a fun mismatched vibe to the place.

this place is bright...

...and bold

We got there at 5pm and had a couple of hours before I had to dash off for my meeting so it would have been rude to not have a cocktail or two during their happy hour!

Getting there so early also meant that we made it in time for the pre-theatre menu (which finished at 6.30pm) which offers two courses for a tenner or three for £12.

I started off with a couple of mojitos, and from the pre-theatre menu chose the “croquetas de boniato y chorizo”, sweet potato and chorizo croquettes. Sweet potato and chorizo and two of my favourite foods so I love the idea of them combined together.

the croquettes
the sesame chicken starter 

Next up for me was the “Cubana vegetarian plate”, a mix of frijoles negros (Cuban black beans, rice, falafels and sweet potato and plantain crisps. This kind of mix and match meal is perfect for me as I love to try a bit of everything! I was also eyeing up the Spanish omelette for my main! The Boy opted for some chorizo, beef strip and chicken salad thing and my dad went for the beef strips with beans and rice meal.

vegetarian plate
the chorizo, beef and chicken salad. Dressing was tasty too
the beef and beans

We finished off the meal with a "cafe cubana", delicious coffee with rum and coconut cream which was perfectly sweet enough to fill the “dessert”  hole.

my dad enjoying the cafe cubana 

Food wise, the menu has quite a lot to offer, from sharing platters to tapas to salads. I tried a couple of the dishes that my dad and the Boy were eating and overall I would give the good a  7 out of 10. We left about 7pm and the bar and outside seating area was over spilling, people were standing up clutching their brightly coloured jugs on the pavement, so this place is clearly popular!

happy hour is 2 for 1 

X x X 

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