Thursday, 1 January 2015

Turbo-charge your plank - exercise for abs

It may be cold and dark outside but it is the new year, so I know many  of you are thinking about getting fit and healthy as a new year's resolution. 

Christmas is a time to indulge so now I am ready to get back to eating clean and exercising. 

One area that I really want to work on this year is my stomach.One of the best forms of ab exercise is certainly the plank but here are three easy ways to ramp up your plank…

Elbows in
In the normal plank position, try to force your elbows towards your feet. Just this simple move will squeeze the abs more, working them harder in the same amount of time. Hold for 30sec, building this time up.

like a normal plank...but more intense 

Rotate it
In a side plank position (don’t lean forward or back), reach your hand in the air, fingers pointing high. Balancing on your elbows or hand still, rotate your arm in, curving it towards your torso, rolling your body in. Then return to your start position. Repeat. 

start off in a side plank, with lifted arm...then roll

Dip it

In a side plank position, keep your body strong with your arm up and fingers pointing high. Dip your bum down towards the ground and return to the start position. Repeat. 
This is great as it also works your oblique muscles, the muscles that run down the side of your stomach, helping you create a tighter waist.
pop yourself up on to your elbows for a side plank...

...then dip your hips down to the floor, lift, repeat 

Hopefully it will be bye bye muffin top in no time!!!! 
X x X 

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