Monday, 16 June 2014

Hog Hollow Lodge at Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

The other day, me and the Boy were reminiscing about our time in South Africa, the adventures and most important the food and luxury accommodation! South Africa is home to three of my top five favourite hotels I have stayed in so far (Camp Bay Retreat and Bayethe in Shamwari) so I want to share with you our experience of the Hog Hollow Lodge in Plettenberg Bay. 

stunning - low clouds and dense forest

These private lodges with roaring fires ad balconies overlooking the forest, and the little touches that make a hotel stay cute  (my favourite being tubs of popcorn and biscuits, the hot water bottle at night and a bed time story left on our pillow), the stay here was oh so comfy and absolutely welcoming. I didn't want to leave!!! 

roaring fires in the rooms 

cute - bedtime story on the pillows 

Food was pretty delicious too, with a great breakfast section but then again how can I fault a breakfast that has bubbly on offer! Along with the baskets of pastries, platters of meats, cheeses and crackers and a  vast fruit selection, there was also the offer of hot breakfast. 

this buffet breakfast was amazing 

One of the mornings, I had eggs benedict (one of my favourite by the way) but served over a croissant instead of an English muffin. I know, amazing! It worked goooood. 

eggs benedict 

They also offered waffles with honey, bacon and banana and the English fry up with grilled banana. They like their food with a twist here. 

breakfast time! 

On our second night we stayed at the hotel for their three course meal. The dinner takes place at their massive communal dinner table, offering guests the chance to swap stories and their tips on travelling South Africa.

communal dinner time 

The main building also has a lounge for you to chill in and fantastic decked veranda (with roaring fire and blankets just in case) overlooking the lush greenery. With comfy sofas and a soft murmur of happy guests drinking the local wine, this is a great way to chill after a day. 

Although one of our evenings was interrupted by the most annoying American girl who was going around pretending that this was her hotel and was fluffing the pillows, moving the candle lights and pissing off the hotel cat. And people say kid’s make believe games are cute.

chilling on the decked veranda 

A relaxed vibe at Hog Hollow 

Be wary about the monkeys that come to visit in the morning though. They might look cute but they will steal your food. I also got too close and had one jump on my legs and scratch me, causing me to poop myself, scream, panic and run inside the hotel, bringing them in with me!! My bad. Luckily I was wearing jeans that day so no harm done except my ego and embarrassment. In case you find yourself in the situation of being accosted by 5  monkeys, DO NOT RUN!!! They will chase you.

do not run from monkeys 

The service and staff are as lovely as the hotel, and it would be worth visiting Plett just to stay at this hotel, especially in the guaranteed warmer months. 

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