Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rescue treatment - first aid for very damaged nails (Nails Inc): review

In April, I had a set of false nails put on for the honeymoon trip. I never get this done but didn’t want to face three weeks of having to constantly paint my nails and shellac has never worked on my nails before. Whilst I loved the look, when I came home and had them removed, they have seriously damaged my nails underneath, even though they were gels and supposedly better for them.

A few weeks later and my nails were still so brittle they were constantly breaking – to the point that they were breaking below the nail line and ripping the skin. Ouch.

to the rescue! 

Luckily I discovered “repair and rescue treatment – first aid for damaged nails” from Nails Inc.

In a couple of weeks, it has transformed my nails and they have now started to grow after strengthening up. Hoorah. 

Containing a bio-extender which helps to increase the nail’s keratin resistance which will helps nail durability and strength.

it is like the Thunderbirds for your nails! 

If you are in need of some TLC for your nails, I strongly recommend this wonder product!
Go, give your nails some love.

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