Friday, 19 December 2014

Christopher's restaurant Covent Garden, London

Last week I took my dad for a treat of a meal to celebrate a new promotion. Seeing as my dad now lives in Cambodia and is forever moaning saying that there aren’t enough nice restaurants in the area, I knew he’d be wowed by my choice of restaurant – Christopher's in Covent Garden.

our feast! 

Christopher's Covert Garden

He’d mentioned before that they have a fabulous bar downstairs, serving the best martinis, although he had never eaten there, and he was right. Accidentally arriving 25 minutes before our booking, I had no other choice than to prop up the bar and order  myself a martini. 

My choice? The Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni. Get it? A tasty blend of Earl Grey infused gin, Earl Grey tea syrup, fresh lemon juice and orange bitters. 

Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni and a classic Martini 

When my dad arrived we ordered some particularly strong dirty martinis and headed upstairs to the restaurant. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was impressed by the place!!! Elegant and classic, this was a lovely setting to celebrate.

tuck in! 
We skipped the starters (filled up on the bread they were passing around instead) and went straight in with the mains. For me, I was indulgent and went for lobster thermidore, my dad opted for the steak. Both dishes were amazing. Washed down with the Spanish rose. 

my lobster meal 
enjoying my rose! 

We accompanied this with the two biggest portions of parmesan truffle fries and sweet potato fries.  Unlike other high end eats, the portions sizes were decent and the place didn’t have a pretentious air at all.

the hugest portion of fries! 

Not having quite enough room for dessert, I finished off with an Irish mist matini, an amazing combination of Jamesons, baileys, frangelico and espresso. It was a sweet sensation on my taste buds! I was also pretty temped by the nutella martini, a tempting blend of vodka, creme de cacao, cream, nutella and shaved chocolate!!! 

drinkable pudding! 

copy cat cocktailer 
My dad somehow managed to make room for a dessert unusually (maybe because I was paying) and opted for the berry cheesecake. Beautifully presented and creamy tasty, this was worth the calories! 

how pretty is the Irish Mist Martini 
we ate the green bits - note sure we're meant to 

Me and my dad are known for getting too comfortable in restaurants and bars and have a habit of staying longer that the usual patron, so it’ll come as no surprise that we ended up staying at Christopher's for 3 and half hours, working our way through the cocktail list. The staff and service was impeccable too, there to accommodate you but not rush your evening.

more cocktails you say? Why not! 

my outfit for the dinner 

I won’t lie, this place is pricey! However, for a special occasion it didn’t disappoint and was well worth it. I had such a brilliant evening and my dad was right, the cocktails are to die for.If you're open to having a fixed menu, they do a pre or post theater set menu that starts from £16 so a great way to try the delicious food with a bit more of a tasty price tag! 

X x X 

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