Sunday, 21 September 2014

Drinkies and lunch at "The Durell Arms" Pub, Fulham, SW London

I have been living in Fulham with the girls for nearly a year now but my family haven't had the chance to visit yet which is a shame, cos they aren't that far away (Kent, Waterloo and Cambridge). So with the Sunday 21 September being pencilled in the diary for what seems like months, my family finally made it here.

I needed to find a place that served tasty food, good drinks and was in a short walking radius... The Durell Arms pub it was then!

The Durell Arms 

I have been there for a few evening drinks and a bit of food before. It has been pretty good on previous visits and luckily this time didn't disappoint (I always get a little nervous when you are responsible for the recommendations!)

this is the roast chicken!!! 

everyone's sides came on this huge platter!!! 

The rest of the gang went for the Sunday roast but I opted for the beetroot, broccoli, quinoa, feta and spinach salad with a side of battered calamari with aioli (a garlicy mayo that is perfect with squid). The calamari was delish and the salad felt like it was doing my insides some good! As I get serious food envy, I had to have a bite of the chicken roast too. The chicken was so moist and the even the roasties were so crisp! The Yorkshire puddings were huge as well which always gets a thumbs up fro me. Actually the whole roast was mahusive!!!


the salad 

The only downside of our visit was that my meal was forgotten about and when it did come there was no feta in the feta salad! But the bar guy was a diamond and he offered a glass of vino to make up for it. For me this, The Durell Arms gets the thumbs up from me. I can't stand bad customer service, there is no excuse for it.

this went down a treat with the family 

family enjoying their roast 

The Durell Arms has a relaxed atmosphere, thanks to it's large and spacious area. The back space is mainly filled with punters watching sports, they have comfy booths opposite the bar and old school tables and benches at the front.

the booths 

Kris and me enjoying lunch 

The wine list is varied, and has some great infused gins - I think that I saw a rosemary one?! They do a fun quiz night for a mere £2 entry on a Tuesday (and no we didn't win). An all round great pub in SW London! Try it there! 

X x X 

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