Monday, 18 November 2013

Lush's lip scrub - buff away chapped lips: review

This weather is not kind to my lips. My lips are not friends with the bitter wind, the freezing cold, the office heating system or the drizzly air. I find that my lips are permanently chapped and dry, and that I grow a disgusting compulsion to pick the dry skin off my lips. (Don’t gimme that – we all do it secretly!)

tasty, handmade and preservative free! 

I had even given up the lipstick for a while as soon as I put it on, it just highlighted the dryness and the cracks. Not pretty.

But my friend Sophie introduced me to my knight in shining armour last week and this little pot of brilliantness has now reformed my lips to soft and kissing worthy once more!

What is this wonder product?
It is “lip scrub”from Lush, a tasty lip buffer that will slough dead skin like a knight slaying dragons!

It comes in four flavours (she has the popcorn one) but I went for “mint julips”, a delicious mint chocolatey delight.

the little pot that does the job! 

rejoice! lipstick is wearable again! 

Simply scrub a small amount of your lips with your finger and rub/wipe off! It is edible actually and the instructions say to lick the scrub off, but I wouldn’t recommend it as licking your lips can actually dry out your skin even more!

It is £5.50 for a small pot but I think it is worth it! Now I can finally go back to wearing my lipsticks! Hoo-rah

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