Thursday, 14 November 2013

"Burger and Lobster", London - simple concept, fun taste

I did it! I finally made it to “burger and lobster” (Mayfair)

Me and the Boy went the other day, after meaning to go there for months, since it came highly recommended from my housemate who went there for a first date. After months of not having the time to go (wedding, homelessness in between renting, new flat, manic work load etc) and a failed attempt with the girls one Saturday at 6pm (a 3 hour wait can go stuff itself thanks to the no booking under 6 persons policy), I went this Tuesday. 

I have had a few days off this week to spend some time with the Boy who has just come back from a three month deployment so we decided it was probably best to try and go midweek and for an early dinner to avoid the disappointment of a killer wait. And we were right. 4pm on a Tuesday and we walked right in and had our meal served to us in about 10 minutes.

Why the quick service?...

Because all they do is burger and lobster – clue is in the title I guess. Although they do also serve a ‘lazy and clean’ lobster dish which comes already de-shelled, mixed up with Japanese mayo (don’t want to sound biased because my mum is Japanese, but it is the best!) and stuffed into a brioche roll.

The Boy went for this option. As he puts it, he hates “seafood admin”.
He also went for a dessert. As he puts it, he loves pudding. 

I went for the lobster, grilled and accompanied by the garlic sauce. According to the waiter, this is the only way to have it! I am clearly a lobster pro! Lobster pro or not… mmm mmm mmm. The sauce was amazing! Thick, creamy and moreish. I needed more sauce. Preferably some to take home too and smother on all my normal boring cooking.

All the dishes come with skinny fries and side salad (both pretty tasty) and all dishes are £20. I think this restaurant works so well because the concept is clean and simple, so they do what they do, and do it really well.

It’s also a bit of a novelty – the Boy certainly had fun watching my attempt to pick and pull at this cooked crustacean. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the task aka dinner. Although would I have gone here on a first date???... definitely not!

Being married, he had no choice to pretend to find me cute when I got cocky, discarded the metal lobster cracker and pull at the lobster shell with my hands, resulting in me accidentally tossing my lobster claw into the couple next to me. Sauce and chips a flying and the lobster claw on the floor, the Boy retrieved it, then looked at me disgusted when I loudly proclaimed “errr give the claw back – I am still eating that! Three second rule PLUS it is in a shell so is technically didn’t touch the floor!”

Great atmosphere, charming staff and good food, I think I would recommend this place. Although not 6pm on a Saturday.  And definitely use the utensils they give you – they give you these for a reason!!! 

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