Monday, 20 January 2014

Swan Lake - the Ballet

Last night me and the Boy did something a bit different to what we would normally get up to on a Saturday night. We went to the ballet! I know what you are thinking – how sophisticated!

We had said for quite some time now that this was something we wanted to do. He had never been to one and I have only been to the ballet twice – once when I was a little girl and more ‘recently’ when I was in Australia with my now housemate Charlie. But that was way back in 2009 and after consuming far too much cheese and wine beforehand, we got far too comfortable in the bar we were in, meaning that we had to run a mile or so to the theatre. We only just made it time (literally by seconds), nearly threw up the said cheese and wine (dam deep fried camembert) and then spent 20 minutes of the first act panting like an animal trying to recover our breath (dam being so unfit back then).

This ballet experience was much more successful!

After a totally delicious pizza at Pappa Ciccia in Fulham, we headed to the Sadler’s Wells Theatre for Swan Lake (although the tubes did mean that for a moment that I was worried I was going to be late again). This production was from the vision of Director Matthew Bourne.

this was so huge...and I ate it all! 

Pappa Ciccia in Fulham - cute family run restaurant
serving decent Italian meals

As this was the Boy’s first time to a ballet, I must admit, I was a bit worried that it was going to be a bit too full on for his liking, but I thought it was more contemporary dance with splashes of ballet thrown in. It also had more acting in it than I expected and so seemed more “silent play with dancing” than pure ballet. So as it wasn’t 100% classical ballet 100% of the time, it was much better for a first timer.

Plus at times, it was very comical! The opening scene was brilliantly humorous depicting the lifestyle of the Prince and we were laughing within the first few minutes – not something I was expecting from a ballet!

Even if ballet ‘isn’t your thing’ I think you’ll be impressed with the dancing. How they move their arms like that with that flexibility, they actually look like swans! I tried to replicate this in the foyer in the intermission, but apparently according to the Boy I shouldn’t give up my day job just yet to join the cast.

pic from sadlers wells website

One thing that got me about the ballet though – I didn’t necessarily understand it all the time, although I suppose that is part of the experience….it is up to your interpretation. Bourne’s adaptation is based on the Russian romantic ballet and follows the basic plot of young Prince, his distant mother, and his desire for freedom and to be loved, but with some twists. 

If you have been thinking of going to a ballet, it is a must! 

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