Friday, 10 January 2014

Are electronic facial cleansing brushes worth purchasing? (review)

Has anyone else read about electronic facial cleansing brushes?

I keep seeing them featured and advertised in magazines and they sound good but also sound bloody expensive. The ones I have seen in magazines are for make such as Phillips and Clarisonic which come in at £150 - £180!! That’s the cost of a nice weekend away!

I was keen on buying one though as electronic brushes clean skin 6x better than using your hands (according to clarisonic) and it helps the cream sink in further.  I do often feel that my fingers just aren’t the tool for working deep down into clogged pores so was intrigued about these brushes.

So I did a bit of googling to see if I can find cheaper. Turns out you can. A lot cheaper.

my new electronic facial cleansing brush

I got my bad boy from a website called DHgate for a mere £15. And I love it! I 100% recommend this product! Even after one use I felt my skin was thoroughly clean and getting the grime out of my pores. 

In order to see whether this little gadget actually worked, I tested this for three weeks using it on just one side of my face over Christmas and the New Year – a time when my skin usually suffers thanks to all the late nights, over eating of fatty foods and mid week drinking.

The results are clear. My right hand side of my face is visibly clearer and free from spots compared to my left (which is currently sporting a lovely set of spots by my lip and chin).   I even got the Boy to examine my face, who has been brutally honest in letting me know that the spots are visible on the left.

the left hand side 

smooth clear skin after using the bush 

I am hooked. This is a brilliant investment for the cost of two large glasses of wine and a few batteries! PLUS it also comes with a massage head to perk up tired skin,  a nail/foot buffer and a sponge. Bonus!

Oh one thing though...this product some from China. And so do the instructions. I thought the leaflet was in Japanese so sent it to my mum to translate. Turns out it is definitely Chinese. 

Anyone thinking of buying one? Get in touch! 


One word of caution. Don’t over use it. Like all good things, overuse will backfire. And make sure that you keep the brush clean. There is no point cleaning your face with a brush teeming with dirty build up.

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