Friday, 14 March 2014

Tips for packing light for a mini break

Today I am off to Andorra for a few days of fun in the snow. Seeing as we are only going for four days, we have decided that we only need a couple of suitcases between the 6 of us, which means that we are all going to have to be light on the packing. So for this long weekend away, it is all about the miniatures and multi-taskers and only taking what I actually need (ie one pair of heels for the evening…ok, maybe two maximum).

Here is a quick guide to what’s on my packing list, what to take for a short break and how to cut it down to the bare minimum!

Top tip: write a list.
This one is crucial and I included this on my packing tips blog featured in the summer.
First, write a list of things that you want to take, in that way you will help minimise the chance of packing everything and anything in the throws of holiday excitement. Like food shopping on an empty stomach and hungry without a weekly food list, don’t pack without a draft list!

If you are only going away for a few nights then try to stick to a similar colour palette with your outfits – in that way you will only need one set of heels, one set of jewellery and one evening bag!

Top tip: miniatures
For a weekend away you can do without your weekly ritual beauty products and get away with the bare necessities. Think face wash, cleanser, eye make-up remover, moisturising day cream with SPF (or even better a BB cream), serum and night cream. Have a wax before you go and you can ditch the razor and creams etc too! Make sure you decant your beauty products into mini bottles to save on space.

love minis! 

Top tip: make up palettes 
I love my make up and holidays are the perfect time to get experimental but taking every lippy shade that may possibly go with every evening outfit is seriously going to weigh your suitcase down! So take palettes!

I am taking with me my Sleek eyeshadow palette in neutral and my Sleek blusher palette in a variety of pinks.
That gives me a total of 12 eyeshadow shades and 3 blusher shades for 193 grams (I know cos I weighed it!)

make up palettes will save you a lot of space

Top tip: use your space wisely
The downside to a skiing break is that everything required is big and bulky. Heavy knits, ski jackets and chunky accessories such as googles. So we are wearing our ski jackets to the airport and making sure we have stuffed our shoes with small bits like underwear to maximise space!

pack wisely and stuff every space! 

Top tip: double up key pieces of clothes
In Andorra, the day time will be taken up by skiing and the evenings by partying so there isn’t really a need for that many casual day outfits. I am taking one pair of jeans and alternating between a couple chunky jumpers.

Back last summer, I shared with you my top packing tips (packing light has always been a struggle of mine) so if you are looking for some tips then check it out here….

Please feel free to share your "how to pack light" packing tips with me!!
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