Thursday, 6 March 2014

Home-made vanilla and date protein flapjacks

The other day I was flicking through an old copy of “muscle and fitness” that the Boy had left laying around and stumbled across a “protein flapjack” recipe.

We have tried making flapjacks once but it was a disaster (not as bad as the infamous “salmon cookies”) as they had no ‘stick’ to them and crumbled into a thousand pieces so resembled a granola rather than a flapjack.  Tasty but it weren’t a flapjack.

serve with tea 

But this recipe seemed so easy, it was definitely worth a stab at. It is a case of “bung it all in a bowl and mix” something I am a massive fan of when it comes to baking.

Turns out the “chuck in and bake” method works – out of the oven came 8 fruity and chewy flapjacks. Plus with these ingredients, they were actually healthy unlike usual flapjacks that are overloaded with sugars and fats. These flapjacks provide a good balance of carbs and protein for the perfect tasty on-the-go snack.

simple ingredients

Here is how:

140 grams of rolled oats
60 grams of vanilla protein
25 gram of melted butter
80 grams of chopped dates ( I just bought whole dates and chopped them up, don’t waste your dosh on pre-chopped ones)
125 ml of dairy free milk (coconut or almond is great)
1 tablespoon of honey
1 whole egg

you could use agave nectar too

Simply mix all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
Once combined, press the mixture down well into a greased cake tin.
To get a golden colour to the flapjacks, I added a drizzle of honey over the top too

Bake in a pre heated oven at 160*C for about 15 minutes until you get that lovely flapjacky colour

If you aren’t sure they are cooked, then stick a knife in them  -when you pull the knife out it should be clear so that is how you know they are done

Remove from the oven, and cut into 6 -8 squares and then allow to cool.

chuck in bowl and mix

chewy, fruity and healthy! 

This recipe is so easy I am not sure it even counts as baking!

Flapjacks normally really unhealthy because of the butter, but with just 25g of butter, you’ll save yourself loads of fat! 25g of butter is next to nothing when it comes to baking I think.

This was so easy to make, I think I am going to experiment with some different flavours! 

Leave a comment with any suggestions!
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This recipe is taken from Anna Sward, recipe writer and creator of

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