Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A weekend skiing in Andorra (part 2)

The weekend before last, I was in the glorious slopes of Andorra, on the resort of Pas de la Casa (or as my friend told the guard at passport control “Casa de la Pasa”!!!)

In my first post I shared with you the more trivial and embarrassing side of my trip, just the usual things we get up to skiing... such as me skiing on my chin or upside down.

But anyway, this post is to share with you my favourite spots of Pas de la Casa.

The hotel and spa:
I will be honest with you on this one, me and my friend Sophie chose this one completely by chance. Not cos we are experts and researched it for days. We were going to do the easy and stay in the hotel she stayed in last time but then we found the Font d'Argent hotel for just a few quid more and that came with a spa!!! Sold!!! A hard days skiing followed by a bit of Jacuzzi time sounded great!

For £35 a night each, I would definitely recommend this hotel! 

the bathroom was large enough for all my toiletries! 

me and Rachel shared the double couple's room! 

The staff were absolutely lovely, the hotel clean and beds were seriously comfy (although you might see that as a down side when you have had three hours sleep and you need to drag your arse out of bed for a morning’s worth of skiing?!) 

The food (we were half board) was fairly decent too, offering a wide enough of a variety that kept us entertained for a few nights, although my house mate Kris did comment on its saltiness. The fresh OJ and croque monsieur for breakfast were a treat and kept me fuelled for a morning's ski! Desserts were pretty tempting too.
The spa was small in the basement of the hotel, but offered a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna which was enough for us for an hour in between skiing and dinner-ing.

a good relax after a hard days skiing 

The bars:
Our favourite bar out of the ones we sampled has to be Paddys. A real holiday maker pub where the staff seem to be having as much fun as you! 

The drinks are cheap and flowing and the atmosphere is great. If you walk in there in a mood, give it five minutes and you’ll soon be making friends and laughing away. Especially with their playlist, ranging from Queen’s “don’t stop me now” to Wideboy’s “sambuca”. Oh and a little bit of “I’ve got a brand new combined harvester” in the mix!!!!

If you are stupid brave enough then you might fancy your chances drinking from their upside down skis! 

Yes there are two sets of skis in the ceiling for you to hang upside down from and down your drink. I would like to advise from my own experience that this comes with a hazard warning. Enough said on this matter.

All you can eat ribs:
If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated than downing drinks like a bat then how about a nice meal with your fellow holiday makers?  

If so, then head to La Perla Negra (which conveniently happened to be right opposite our hotel) for an all you can eat rib menu!! Unfortunately being a bit intolerant to red meat and having spent the last 72 hours living off a diet of ham, cheese and bread, my insides were not up to the challenge and I managed a  measly ½ rack of ribs. However, rib monster Sophie got through three racks so think as a collective, the group got its moneys worth.

the skin on chips were perfection! 

La Perla Negra 

The lesson:
If like us, your not a hardcore skier then I would advise a lesson - even just the two hour session to break you into it gently. Four of us opted for the private lesson which is about 106 euros for the one person but then only 8 euros for each additional person. So if there is 4 or more of you then this is definitely worth it. You can book this when you get there the day before.

Après ski:
Après skiing is all a part of the skiing experience and we tested some good bars whilst we were out there. They all seemed to have similar menus, paninis, sandwiches, patters, crepes and fondus etc. We always opted for a “well deserved” three hour lunch break meaning a good chance for chilling out, pigging out and drinking lots of wine! Oh and a little sunbathing whilst we were at it as the weather was gorgeous!

My favourite was "CBbC" (Cala Bassa Beach Club) which apparently is a restaurant in Ibiza and this is it's sister snow lounge! 

nothing like a lovely vino to soak up the snow and sun

ham, cheese, bread and chips...again

the live music was so good! 

we so wanted one of these loungers! 

Good food, and a tasty rose wine, and a setting where you can kick back and enjoy the people watching, I liked this restaurant anyway. But the fact that we could chill on the wooden decking, soaking up the sun and enjoying some live DJs and music made it even better. If you are quick, then grab a white sun lounger to chill the lunch time away. 

Only down side is that some of the staff are a little snobby but that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves there fore three hours! 

Like all ski resorts I have seen before, it seemed small, compact and with everything that you need from pharmacies to supermarkets, meaning that you can make the most of your ski and not waste time. Everyone was lovely, including the Police who kindly gave me and my friend Rachel a lift home when we were lost one night!!!

For more information see the Pas de la Casa website 

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