Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ping, Earls Court, London - ping pong and cocktails

This Saturday the girls and I headed to Ping on Earl’s Court Road for my housemate’s boyfriends birthday. Whilst I was still shattered from skiing last weekend (I am seriously getting old!) I was keen to go as I had heard so many people rave about this place. Earl’s Court doesn’t really strike me as the place to find a good night out but Ping is just a stone’s throw from Earl’s Court tube.

seriously good cocktails 

We arrived there at 8pm and it was already buzzing with people eating, drinking and playing ping pong! Yes, not only does this place offer food and drink but it also offers you the chance to make a tit of yourself playing ping pong!

We never managed to nab a ping pong table, which means an excuse for us to go back! You can only book a table for ping pong if you are eating so that is our plan for next time. And the food looked good! particularly the pizza.


Whilst we didn’t manage to play ping pong, we managed to sample the cocktail menu! 

My first for the evening was a “pineapple express” a tasty blend of vodka, hazelnut liquor, pineapple juice and rose syrup. I am not even sure what rose syrup is but it was bloody nice! Although it came in one of those annoying martini style glasses that look oh so sophisticated but you lose half the drink through accidental spillages.  The “mandarin blast” cocktail was also pretty tasty too, brimming full of fresh mandarin pieces so it is technically it is one of your five a day, yea?  

you know it is gonna be good cocktails when there
are this many accessories! 

Me and the girls have already decided that we are going to heading back to Ping for an evening of pizza and ping pong! The Ping website describes the venue as “shabby yet chic hangout for London’s young creative minds who want to relax and unwind in a visually stimulating and interactive environment”. As descriptions go, this is pretty spot on! I loved the atmosphere in Ping and the décor too with the art work and prints on the wall (which I sadly forgot to capture on camera for you).

If you are a budding ping pong champion, why not head there on a Tuesday night, where I hear that “tournament Tuesday’s” takes place!

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