Friday, 21 March 2014

Purple powerhouse smoothie – beetroot and carrot

As you have probably seen from previous entries about smoothies, I am trying all sorts of weird and wonderful creations. What sounds a terrible clash that even Heston Blumenthal wouldn’t even have put together, often turns out to be a delicious concoction of nutrients and vitamins!

I have previously blogged about a tasty kale and broccoli smoothie and a very fruity post-workout one.

creamy and healthy

Today I want to share with you my beetroot and carrot delight...

This is a tasty blend of:
  • 2x beetroots
  • 3x large carrots
  • 1x large orange
  • 1x banana
  • 1x apple
  • 2x cups of soya milk

the brighter the better with this smoothie!

So what made me put all these things into the blender??

Well basically because I had to use up some left over beetroot before it went off! I have always been a fan of carrot juice so chucking a few of them into the mix seemed normal and the apple and orange was to sweeten it up and finally the soya milk and banana is a great natural thickener as well as adding a bit of bulk and protein.

pack it in and blend...

...until smooth and creamy!

This smoothie tastes as delicious as it looks with its creamy purple tones and thick texture, plus it is soooo good for you  - let’s take a look what is inside this purple powerhouse…

Beetroot – this heart shaped veggie is full of calcium, iron, vitamin A and C, and a good source of fibre, magnesium and anti-oxidants.

Carrot – full of antioxidants and help balance the acid-alkaline ratio in the body. They aid digestion too!

Orange - so we all know that these little things are full of vitamin C but did you know that they also help lower bad cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritic pain? 

What are your weird and wonderful smoothie creations?! Let me know!

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