Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fake eyelashes from Ardell 101: review

Whilst my natural eye lashes are fairly long, they are few and far between, meaning that even when I curl and mascara them, they aren’t very full or fluttering. Therefore, I rely heavily on my fake eyelashes to ensure my eyes have a bit of character to them! Especially as I wear glasses which I can find "hide" the eyes. 

I don't go away for the night without my fake eyelashes so I have obviously bought a stash with me to South Africa. Just in case I lose one of two of them on my travels! 

these are my go to eye lashes

I have been wearing these fake eyelashes for some time now but they have recently have had quite a few compliments from passer bys so I thought it was best time I blogged about them.

For an every day look that is full but not OTT, I use Ardell number 101 in black.

They come with glue (it actually lasts pretty well) and a handy little plastic case, which means if you are careful you can keep your eyelashes more than one use - carefully peel off the glue and pop them away safely!

full but not OTT!

What are your favourites? 

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