Sunday, 5 July 2015

House of Holland stick on nail art in "neon nibs"

When I went to New York last Halloween, I blogged about these funky little stick on nails called "neon nibs" and before that, when I went to Ibiza, I blogged about these stick on nails called "game changer". Both are from Boots, from the 'The house of Holland' collection. 

neon nibs! 

As you can see, there is a pattern emerging ... holiday equals mental talons! 

This time round for Hideout festival in Croatia was these beauts - glittery, black and sleek! A little on the gothic side and I love them!!! They are even glittery on the reverse!

"Glitterbug" is the perfect name! 

get the gltiter bug  
shiny and sparkly!

Completely impacticle for typing, these are not work friendly for me but they are quite durable and usable so have found these ok to work with for normal chores and every day activities. 

24 nails in various designs 

The sets are completely OTT and fun. 

bright and in your face!

The nails are ultra  thin too so are easy to get used too and light on the finger tips! Plus they really are a  manicure you can do on the move... I did my nails on the flight both times! 

a manicure 35,000 feet up! 

Unlike acrylics, these don’t seem to ruin the nail bed yet the glue is strong enough to hold the nails on for up to a week of you're careful, with just a few touch ups with the glue. When they did come off, they didn't rip or tear the nail either! 

At £9.99 a set there are cheaper options in the shops but they are quite strong so you can reuse them again for another day, so worth it for me! 

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