Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My handbag essentials when I am always on the road

I do a lot of travel, whether it is for work or just for pleasure. Don’t be jealous though – for work, it’s never abroad and mostly to unappetising places around England. Travel for my pleasure is more exiting though with recent trips to Croatia, Madrid, Okinawa (Japan), Miami and I am just packing for Berlin this week!

me at Gatwick airport for work 

The great thing about travel is you get to explore the world, even if it is just Manchester or little know towns in Surrey. But the downside has to be the constant on-the-go and living out of a suitcase. I hate that realisation when you go to use something, only to realise that you didn’t come to pack it (which is often in haste). I often have that feeling of “I have forgotten something” when I leave the house anyway.

Well for all you on-the-go types or travel fans, today I am sharing with you my must have items when I am on the go. Happy travels (even if it is to Barnsley for a meeting).

I have friends that are obsessed (no really) with this bacteria killing liquid. Whilst I am not as bad as that, I do carry a bottle of the stuff around. Mainly because I am a clumsy mess, not because I am a germ hater. No one should turn up to a meeting covered in sticky mess.

I always have a little make up bag with me

Oil blotters
I don’t know what it is, but there is something about travelling that makes my usually dry-as-a-dessert-skin, a little greasy. Grease is not good. It causes spots. And no one likes spots. I have started carrying around oil blotters for a quick dab when I need.

Dental kit
I am probably a little more obsessed than the average when it comes to my teeth but everyone should practice good oral hygiene! I like to carry a travel bottle of mouth wash with me and some floss. This is perfect for a quick freshen up as I often have to attend events and meetings late in the day and don’t get to come home in between meetings or end up getting home until quite late.

Travel mug
I hardly go anywhere without my trusty travel mug – it’s an essential! Obviously they are great for on-the-go-drinking but they also beat those stupidly small tea cups they provide at meetings (which I down in one gulp) and I have even relied on mine in hotels when again I am offered nothing but a piddly small teacup.

Note book
I always, always, always carry a notebook and pen around me. You just never know when those “a-ha” moments are going to strike. In this modern era I do take advantage of my phone’s app but something you can’t beat a bit of brainstorming and doodling of ideas in the good old fashioned way.

taking my foods with me

I think you probably could guess from my blog entries on “snacks” that I am never far from a collection of snacks. When on-the-go, you don’t have your routine meal times and you’re not always at home to prepare them so having a nest of tasty snacks is essential. When I say snacks though, think protein bars, bags of nuts, fruit and such. Not a family sized bag of chocolate digestives. Snacking right can help stabilise blood sugar levels and keep you energised throughout the day.

Ear phones
With so much time out the office, it is essential that I work whilst travelling and commuting. Unfortunately not everyone is doing the same, so carriages on trains are not always quiet. To block out the noise, headphones will help. Also, I am a big fan of listening to podcasts whilst I am on the go. I use my time on trains and when seated to write/use the laptop/read etc but I also spend a lot of time on my feet, walking to and from stations/meetings/engagements. I hate the thought of wasted time so love listening to podcasts when walking about.

Eye mask and ear plugs
Travelling is tiring and sometimes that snatch of sleep on the train is a must! My advice, carry an eye mask and ear plugs around with you if you have to! They’re small and light so won’t take up too much of your handbag. Lots of us can’t sleep well in new environments, so if sleeping in hotels is more tense than relaxing, try taking an eye mask and ear plugs to help get a good night’s sleep .

This is England people!

What are your must haves in your handbag?

Please share!

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