Monday, 13 April 2015

Jillian Michaels - Shred it with kettlebells workout

Last year I really got in to kettlebells after my colleague Heidi suggested it to me. A kettlebell is basically a large weight with a handle, so you have the ability to swing it, rather than using it in a linear way like a dumbbell. The benefit to this? You have an "extension" to your body which makes you work harder, which burns more fat!

my new workout DVD

I started last year with a beginners DVD which I definitely recommend as kettlebells can be quite hard on your back and it is imperative that you get the moves right and once I was used to it, moved up to a 6kg (for my review of this DVD check it out here.)

Since then I have been on the look out for a new kettlebells DVD so when I saw this one on amazon for about £8 with Jillian Michaels (the scary one from the USA weight loss fat camp program 'The Biggest Loser') I was sold!

the kettlebell swing - always an attractive look 

Jillian is actually pretty good - motivational but not too annoying as with most workout instructors and PTs.

I have been doing it for a few weeks now and I am hooked, I love it! I genuinely feel so good after doing this! There are two levels - I am still at level one, so looking forward to progressing to level two!

deadlift rows

It is so easy to follow and she switches from move to move quite quickly so you don't get bored. Plus it is only 25 minutes long. Yet you still feel you've had a work out!!! High impact in less time, that is what I am after people! Who has time to exercise!

Jillian will guide you through swings, squats, bridges, windmills and rotations!

holding my bridge! 

I don't have much room to manoeuvre in my living room but you really don't need that much space. Preferably you want to be able to lie down on the floor for the Turkish get-ups (which are a killer by the way).

If you haven't given kettlebells a go yet, do it for 2015! I bought my kettlebells on the internet for about a tenner each. I wouldn't recommend starting on anything heavier than a 4kg to begin with, you can always move up the weight scale as you progress .

Anyone else do kettlebells and if so, do you have a DVD to recommend?

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please do consult with a health care professional before you do this if you are not used to exercise and always follow the DVD instructions!!!

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