Saturday, 6 June 2015

Le Petite Cafe and Bistro

Thanks to a work meeting I found myself staying in Guernsey overnight a few Thursdays ago. After my meeting, my colleague took me to the cutest French café in St. Peter’s Port for a delicious glass of rose (I am told that the 11 year old bottle of Malbec was delicious but I can’t do red wine) and a charcuterie platter* of the most delicious cold meats, cheeses and bread. 

heart warming soup
the history of Le Petite cafe and bistro

Le Petite Café is on the corner of Lower Pollet and Le Truchot and has now made it into one of the best eateries I have been to in recent years!!!! I really wish this place was in London! 

Having a few hours to kill before my flight back on the Friday (turns out it was even longer than I wanted thanks to fog grounding all flights for 5 hours), I decided to go back for lunch.

melted cheese. I am in love 


I got there bang on 12 and the place was already packed – thank god it was a table for one! It’s fullness a testament to its popularity and excellence.

There is a bistro attached to the café, which serves a set menu in a more restaurant setting but I opted for the relaxed café which had a delicious menu on offer as well, taking residence in a comfy arm chair watching the rain.

looking down on the quirky place

the bistro 

I obviously over done it at the breakfast buffet so wasn’t as hungry as I could have been unfortunately, so opted for a French onion soup, topped with the classic Giant crouton and gruyère cheese
cheese, and side of perfectly cooked shoe string fries. 

I demolished the lot. Being a food perv, I had a good look at what others were eating and I think it is safe to say that the steak and Croque-monsieur would be good choices! 

This isn’t fancy fine dining but I love it because of its relaxed atmosphere, lovely staff, homely feel and all round French coolness. 

yep, that is a bike on the ceiling 

It’s mismatched furniture and quirky fixtures (there is an actual biked attached to the ceiling and a lampshade made from cutlery) make this place individual. I loved it!

If you find yourself in Guernsey at all, you must go here! 

X x X 

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