Sunday, 14 June 2015

Homemade diary free vegan friendly "ice cream"

I love ice cream so as we are venturing in to warmer months (I say that but looking out my window right now it's pretty grey!) this is the time of year I like to much my way through the cold creamy stuff.

Ice cream is tasty. Fact.
But is is also bloody unhealthy, with a high fat and sugar content! 

But fear not ice cream lovers,  I have a homemade alternative! 

This recipe only contains real ingredients and has no nasty additive, colourings, added sugars, bulking agents or any of the other crap in shop bought ice cream. #eatclean. It is also perfect for our vegan and lactose intolerant friends. 

All you need is...

4 large frozen bananas
1 large heaped tbsp of peanut butter
1 tbsp of coconut oil - no need to melt prior
few tsp of coconut flour (optional) 
sprinkling of cocoa nibs
few teaspoons of vanilla essence 

I also added a few scoops of vanilla whey protein powder for added ooomph for the muscles! 

makes 4 servings

The how to...
...  all you need to do is pop all the ingredients into  blender and blend until smoooooootttthhh

It really is that simple.

Once all blended, pop it into bowls and serve. Add a few toppings if you fancy. I have added dried blueberries here but it also tastes great with added strawberries, or banana chips or a few chocolate chips. 

For a thicker consistency, add a bit of coconut flour. Or add a dash of almond milk for a fluffy texture! 

Get experimental with flavours too - add more peanut butter for that amazing nutty taste or a few drops of mint extract, or even some raw cacao powder for a chocolate flavour! 

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