Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Fall make up beauty update - guest blogger Samples Queen

Guest blogger, Eli from Samples Queen

Fashion and beauty trends are great source of inspiration but when it comes to real life, well most of them are quite impractical. 

Flipping through fashion magazines I could not help myself but notice the overwhelming and prominent feature of burgundy and deep red colors. 

Tips on how to incorporate the new shades of color vary from adding something small like a burgundy lip, or going for things that are a bit more extreme like head to toe fashion look. 

Willing to try something new and “appear” more fashion forward I started my quest for something burgundy. On my recent trip to the drugstore I picked up a few season appropriate lipsticks and eye shadows that I thought will help me transition into the new fashion season.

Because of the shade of color, burgundy lips are more of a bold statement,  so the rule of makeup dictate to pair  bold lips with more subtle eye looks. Another alternative is going for simple eyeliner, which if you are one of those cat eye flick master (I’m definitely not!) got for it. 

For my version of autumnal look I went for metallic gold eye shadow, hint of bronzer and of course burgundy lips. 

One of my favorite long lasting and super pigmented eye shadow ranges LOreal Color Riche. Gold Mania shade adds that bit of extra sparkle that makes eyes stand out in a very subtle kind of way. It works well with any eye color and pairs very well with any red or darker tone lipstick. 

For my burgundy lipstick of choice I went for Maybelline Creamy Matte in Divine Wine. This color is definitely more on the burgundy/plum side but I found looks universally beautiful on both pale and deeper tone complexions. The formula is not drying and once it lasts considerable amount of time. On the lips it at first felt very moisturizing and creamy but after about 5 minutes it the color sets. 

Throughout the day there were no smears but I did need to reapply which I find quite normal for bold color lipsticks.

There you have it beauties, a quick and easy fall makeup update that does not cost a fortune. Personally I love burgundy shades and really believe that this color is universally flattering. 

Hi my name is Eli and I blog about beauty and lifestyle over at Samples Queen. I have small fetish to nude sparkly eye shadows and still struggle with my eyebrows, don’t get me started about eyeliner. I review tons of beauty products every month and report back if it’s worth buying, sometimes I report back even if it isn’t.

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