Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Eyelash extensions… are they worth it???

With two short European breaks coming up in the space of two weeks, I thought it was the perfect time to try eye lash extensions. False eye lashes are not new territory for me, I pretty much wear them every day. But never had proper extensions.

I like the idea of waking up on holiday having to make minimal fuss to my face before a days sightseeing or chilling in the sun, especially when I’m with the boy who’s quick getting ready time means I can feel his waiting presence with every minute longer I take faffing around with beauty contraptions he doesn’t understand are necessities.

I got my eye lash extensions done at the so me brow place that you can find in Superdrug stores. A bargain at £25 as other places charge upwards of fifty quid (although there is a £10 fee on top of that to have them removed). Apparently they’ll last up to three weeks and I can go about my usual daily routine, getting them wet on the shower and exercising etc. 

bundles of lashes are glued on to your real ones

Here's my thoughts…

Day one.
Getting them done and a little nervous as I want to see a difference but don’t want to look like a drag queen (that look is reserved for Saturday evenings). Once she’s finished, I'm pretty happy with it. Even happier when I get home and give them a little curl with my eye lash curlers (which I was worried that this idea wasn’t going to pull off) to give them a little lift. 

Day two
The lady said exercising with them is ok, so I assume working up a horrendous sweat as I struggle through my brown and white belt kick boxing grading is ok??? 
Yep. Fine.

Day three to seven
I’m in rome with the Boy and loving that I wake up with a set of flattering eye lashes every day. I’m being careful and washing around them, resorting to a flannel and using cotton buds to remove my eye make up.

Day eight to thirteen
Still going strong. Although I’m kinda missing washing my face properly in a care free manner and I have been trying to sleep on my pillow in a way that doesn't touch my eye lashes. There is no rubbing your face in a pillow with these on. A couple come away but nothing too noticeable, although I do fill the gaps with individual throw away false eye lashes. Unfortunately the ones that fell out have pulled out some of my real eye lashes :-(

Day fourteen
As they grow out they are starting to look a little tatty now. Noticeably so. They aren't at the root anymore, and the looser ones are twisting a little sometimes. I really wanted them to last for day 18 to 20 as I was off to the south of France for a couple of days with the family. Thinking that it might be best for them to last the bank holiday weekend of fun I have planned and get them taken off Monday.

large clumps of glue are left in my real eye lashes 

Day sixteen
I decide to get them off before the France mini break. I trot off to Ssuperdrug, wait patiently in the queue… then get told that she can’t take them off because she has run out of remover. Although she does show me that she has a bottle of eye lash tint remover. When I ask if that would work then, she says no.

Day seventeen to twenty one
The left eye lashes are really falling out now, and when they do (and I’m not pulling them out) they are pulling loads of my real eye lashes out. I’m going bald on my eye here!!! Bit worried. I've booked in to have them removed on day 21… can’t wait

look carefully...
my lashes have been pulled out by the extensions 

Removal Day 
What a horrible process. The person who put them on put so much glue on them that even when the extensions are taken off I am left with loads of hard glue stuck in my eye lashes. I lose a lot of lashes with her trying to get all the glue off and my eyes are left sore from 35 minutes of rubbing and pulling, and they sting from the solution. 

Verdict??? Amazing for the first week but then they start to become a little hassle and tatty. It has pulled out so many of my real eye lashes, I am left with worse off - no amount of mascara is now going to turn these into fluttering lashes. 

My skin suffered too and became greasy and spotty as I wasn't washing my face as thoroughly. 
I will be sticking to the good old strips. The hassle of putting those on and looking bare faced in the morning is fine! 

X x X

If you have had any good or bad eye extension experiences, then leave a comment!

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